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As a Shaw webmail user, you have to be logged into your email account, for you to be able to use the account. This is to say that for you to send an email through Shaw webmail, or for you to view emails you have received through Shaw webmail, you have to be logged in first. It is by way of entering the right sign in credentials, when logging into your Shaw webmail account, that you prove your ownership of the account. And once you are able to prove that you are indeed the rightful owner of the Shaw webmail account in question – by entering the right combination of a Shaw email ID and password — then you are granted access to the account.

Getting to the Shaw webmail sign in page

To get to the Shaw webmail sign in page, all you need to do is to enter the page’s web address (URL) into your browser. The web address/URL in question, for the Shaw webmail login page, is provided towards the end of this article, in the ‘reference links’ section. So you just need to enter that address into your browser’s address bar. Then you hit the ‘enter’ button on your keyboard – and you will be taken straight to the Shaw webmail login page.

Entering the Shaw webmail sign in credentials

On the Shaw webmail sign in page, the required login credentials are a username and a password. The username in question here is the one that was previously referred to as ‘customer center ID’. It is a username that you create yourself, while registering for an online Shaw account. The password too is one that you get to create for yourself, at sign up/registration time.

Shaw webmail login procedure

The first step is for you to go to the Shaw webmail login page. Once there, you will notice that there are spaces provided for the username and the password respectively to be entered. So you enter both details, and then click on the ‘Sign In’ button (which becomes active/clickable once you enter the respective details). If the Shaw webmail username-password combination you entered is correct, you are taken straight to your Shaw webmail account.

Shaw webmail password recovery

In case you have forgotten your Shaw webmail password, you need to click on the ‘My Account’ link from the main menu at the top. That is, the menu with items like ‘personal’, ‘business’, ‘shop’, ‘support’ and ‘My Account’. So from that menu, you click on the ‘My Account’ link. Then on the screen you are taken to, just below the ‘Sign In’ button, click on the forgot ‘username’ or ‘password’ link. Click specifically on ‘password’. Enter the required details in the next screen, to initiate the Shaw webmail password recovery process.

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